Save the PNE!


I’m writing to ask you to help your fellow CUPE members in Local 1004 who work at the Pacific National Exhibition. The jobs of more than 4,200 workers are at risk!

Please take a moment to visit and send an email to urge our leaders to save the PNE!

The PNE has had little to no support through the COVID-19 pandemic.

This means:

·  1,600 part-time workers not working

·  100 full-time staff laid off

·  the annual hire of 2,500 seasonal workers on hold

·  The jobs of 4,000 CUPE members are in danger

While there is hope we are nearing an end to the public health crisis, the PNE needs short-term, emergency financial relief to avoid financial ruin.

The PNE is a century-old tradition that has brought countless memories and enjoyment for generations. It also pumps $200 million into the region’s economy and local businesses every year. And it creates thousands of high-skilled jobs and youth employment.

All of this is at risk if governments don’t step up now.

Let’s make sure that the PNE is not left behind in post-pandemic recovery. Send a message to our leaders today. Tell them to Save the PNE!

Please share this message with your friends, family, neighbours and coworkers. Thank-you for your support.

In Solidarity,

Paul Faoro