New Sick Pay Minimum Requirements

Specifically for the Community Social Services Sector , unionized employees are entitled to the following starting January 1 each year:

  1. All probationary employees – five days paid leave after 90 consecutive days of employment.
  2. Casual employees – five days paid leave for scheduled days not worked due to sickness or injury based on an “average day’s pay.” The paid leave is only available for accepted and scheduled shifts. A “leave” is not available for shifts not yet scheduled, even though a casual employee may have been offered and accepted the shifts at a later time.
  3. Regular full-time and part-time employees –five days paid leave based on an “average day’s pay” (not five days of paid leave at 80% as established under Article 19.1(c)) regardless of whether sufficient sick credits have been accrued. Where sick days are paid to employees who have not yet accrued sufficient credits, their sick banks will be deemed to be “in the negative” and the employees will not be able to take additional paid sick leave until sufficient credits have accrued later in the year to support a paid leave. Where there are sufficient credits, all sick leaves taken after the five days would be paid at 80% in accordance with the collective agreement.