October is Ergonomics Month

If any of our local 1936 members that sit on their workplace JOHS committee want to find out more about Ergonomics than please reach out to Bernice Way, bway1936@gmail.com to be enrolled into the course below. Your wages would be covered if it falls on a scheduled day of work (this would be outside of the 8 hrs of training per year through your employer)

Recognized in October each year, Global Ergonomics Month is an international outreach campaign promoting human-centred design through the science, application and profession of ergonomics or human factors. These disciplines are focused on optimizing human well-being as well as overall system performance by proactively designing work and work systems to fit the people interfacing with them in ways that improve efficiency, productivity, health, safety and comfort. Ergonomics is ultimately good for business and good for people.

The Centre has scheduled a number of opportunities in October to take our virtual facilitator lead course:

Strains, Aches & Pains (Ergonomics)

This course is designed to provide OH&S Committee members with the knowledge and skills to identify and find effective solutions to ergonomic problems at the workplace.

In this course participants will:

  • Learn about common health effects from MSI injuries.
  • Learn how to comply with existing ergonomics legislation.
  • Learn how to identify ergonomic hazards, learn risk assessment techniques and generate solutions to deal with hazards.
  • Learn strategies to assist in implementing an effective prevention program.
  • Have an opportunity to put theory into practice using the “Fix That Job” exercise.

October 8, 18, 26https://www.healthandsafetybc.ca/course-calendar/


3.27 Minimum training requirements for new joint committee members:

(2) The employer must ensure that each member of the employer’s joint committees who was selected on or after June 1, 2017 to be a member receives, as soon as practicable but no more than 6 months after becoming a member, a total of at least 8 hours of instruction and training, as set out in subsection (4).

(7) For greater certainty, the instruction and training required under subsection (2) or (3) of this regulation is not educational leave as set out in section 41 of the Workers Compensation Act.

Note: The 8-hour mandatory training requirement — “new joint committee members must receive the instruction and training required under section 3.27 of the Occupational Health & Safety Regulation (OHSR)” — is separate from the existing annual 8-hour educational leave assigned by section 41 of the Workers Compensation Act, “Each member of a joint committee is entitled to an annual educational leave totaling 8 hours […]”.

* New committee members are eligible to receive 16 hours of education in their first year.*

For more information see: JHSC Occupational Health and Safety Regulation Changes.

Funded by the Workers Compensation Board of British Columbia and hosted by the BC Federation of Labour, the BC Fed OH&S Centre is the largest provider of this type of training in the province.