Celebrating Asian Heritage Month and BC Anti-Racism Awareness Week – May 26, 2021 6:00 pm

May 26 Event-Ga Gi-ANG – A participatory Conversation with Luna Aixin on Anti-Asian Racism

You are invited to celebrate the Asian Heritage month and the Anti-Racism Awareness Week in BC.  He have invited Luna Aixin to have this participatory conversation around Anti-Asian Racism.

*Note about Ga Gi Nang. It translates to the phrase Own People. It comes from Luna’s Teochew ancestors and is a well-known trait of Teochews. When you meet another Teochew, we treat you as our “Own Peopleregardless of how long we are in the presence of each other.

The event will be hosted via zoom and requires registration.  Please use this link  https://tinyurl.com/dcsuk8jj