CSSBA – New statutory holiday for members in the community social services sector


B.C. is aligning with the Government of Canada’s decision to recognize September 30, 2021 as the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. What this means is members under the Community Social Services collective agreements in the CSSBA – Community Living Services, General Services and Indigenous Services – are entitled to the holiday starting September 2021.

This entitlement comes from language your union negotiated in the collective agreements under 17.1 (Paid Holidays) that grants members, not only existing federal and provincial holidays, but “any other day proclaimed by the federal or provincial government.”

The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is meant to recognize the tragic history and lasting effects of Canada’s residential school system.

Going forward, the province will engage with Indigenous partners and the business and labour communities to determine the most appropriate way to commemorate September 30th.