Day of Action for Child Care on Nov. 20


CUPE’s National Child Care Working Group is going to be on Parliament Hill on November 20th, along with parents, grandparents and other child care advocates to tell MPs and Senators that across Canada, licensed child care is unaffordable, impossible to find, and suffering a workforce crisis.

We want to leave Parliamentarians thinking hard about the situation for families and educators in their local ridings and communities. They need to know that all of Parliament has a responsibility to help solve this crisis. That’s why we are asking them to become child care champions by increasing funding for child care, with a 10-year goal of child care for all—a child care system that is accessible and inclusive of all families who need child care.

And we need your help! On November 20th, you can join us from wherever you are in Canada and show your support for child care. There are three important actions you can take:

1) Tweet with us!

We’re using the hashtag #ChildCareChampion to tell MPs that affordable, quality child care is a priority. Tweet with us using this hashtag to show why you support increased funding for child care. Here are some ideas:

  • I need a #ChildCareChampion because child care workers need decent wages and working conditions. Visit to find out more.
  •  I need a #ChildCareChampion because I’ve been a child care worker for two decades & my job is still precarious. Visit to find out more.
  • We need a #ChildCareChampion because access to affordable child care is a massive hurdle to gender equality in the workforce. to find out more.
  • We need a #ChildCareChampion because where someone lives shouldn’t determine whether they will be able to afford child care. to find out more.

Want to make sure you’re heard? Tweet directly at your Member of Parliament! Click here to find your MP’s Twitter handle.

 2) Send a letter to your MP

Tell your MP we need child care champions on Parliament Hill! Click here to send a message to your MP.

3) Sign the petition

Visit to sign Child Care Now’s petition, asking for:

  • The federal government to implement a high-quality, universal non-profit child care system that families across Canada can afford; and
  • All levels of government to make major investments in child care—starting in 2019 and increasing each year until Canada meets the accepted international child care spending benchmark of 1 percent of GDP.

This petition will be delivered directly to the Office of the Prime Minister leading up to the 2019 federal election. Click here to sign.

Thanks in advance for your solidarity and support!