BC Government Announces Temporary Pandemic Pay

The government of BC has just announced that health and social services workers delivering in-person, frontline care to some of B.C.’s most vulnerable people will receive a financial boost through temporary COVID-19 pandemic pay.

As part of a cost-shared program with the federal government, temporary pandemic pay will support people working on the frontlines in B.C.’s health care system, social services, and corrections. This includes workers delivering a range of health and social services to people most vulnerable to COVID-19.

Eligible frontline workers will receive temporary pandemic pay, a lump-sum payment of about $4 per hour for a 16-week period, starting on March 15th. Eligible workers will receive the payment directly through their employer and do not need to apply.

See the government announcement here and information about eligible workers can be found here.

CUPE BC’s announcement can be found here.